IH Almaty

Almaty, Kazakhstan

IH Almaty is a large school, with centres in various neighbourhoods around the city. 

It offers general english courses for adults and younger learners, exam-classes, and business English courses for companies and executives. How ever you would like to develop your teaching skills, there will be an opportunity at IH Almaty! Staff have the opportunity to move between different areas of the company, and academic and support staff have room for development and promotion.

Teachers & trainers are encouraged to give seminars, write articles, conduct action research,etc, as part of their own CPD. 

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Life in and around Almaty

Almaty, once the capital of Kazakhstan, is a vibrant city in a multi-ethnic multi-lingual country without the scarcest hint of racial or religious tension. Its people are hospitable, welcoming and interesting. 

The landscape boasts some of the most breath-taking natural beauty to be seen anywhere, and there is something to suit every taste. Spanning two time zones, Kazakhstan is situated in the heart of Eurasia rich in landscape with true deserts, steppes, savannas, wild forests, pristine lakes and rivers, mountains and glaciers.

Almaty nestles at the foot of the Tien Shan mountains which are a natural paradise with deep canyons, abundant wild life like snow leopards and bears. You may also enjoy the ski resorts and ice skating with the locals. 

Recent economic wealth means that the city of Almaty is modern and highly developed, giving an interesting contrast of mid 20th Century history to a modern independent country.