IH Cert. Advanced Methodology

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05 Feb - 21 May 2022
Online Training 100% Online PT £570
07 May - 20 Aug 2022
Online Training 100% Online PT £570
15 Oct - 04 Feb 2023
Online Training 100% Online PT £570

If you're a teacher who loves teaching and you want to develop your theoretical knowledge and gain new insights into learning and teaching, the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology, is the best way to grow professionally.

The IH CAM is a great continuation after completing the CELTA (you should have at least one year's teaching experience) and will help you explore and improve your own practice as a teacher and develop your self-analytical skills. It will also help to prepare you if you plan to gain a a Diploma level qualification, such as the DELTA, in the future. 


The full course price is £570, and if you will be taking this course in the UK, or your employer is a UK based company, there will be 20% VAT to pay ontop. 

The good news is there is a discount of 10% if you have completed an OTTI course in the last 12 months, and there is a special price of £410 for teachers working in an IH school. Just let us know on the application form if you would like to claim these discounts. 

Who is the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology designed for?

As well as new teachers with at least one year's experience, the course is also relevant to experienced teachers who like to consistently brush up their teaching methods and enrich their professional knowledge. The IH CAM will help you to really scrutinise the theoretical aspects of teaching and know more about creating a conductive learning environment for both students and teacher.

Experienced teachers also take this course in order to overcome the challenges of teaching more advanced levels or if their job responsibilities have stepped up and they need to support trainees and new teachers in their careers.

Many teachers say the IH CAM feels like a natural next step in their career, particularly if they have a view to complete the DELTA or other Diploma qualification in teaching one day. The course is a good way for teachers to develop themselves professionally and personally, and to deepen their knowledge in certain areas of teaching theory.

This course is moderated by Cambridge Assessment English. Your certificate will include the Cambridge logo, adding value to your qualification. 

Cambridge Assessment English



IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology course content

There are 15 modules, one delivered each week. The topics covered include theories of language learning, language learners, skills and systems.

This course is asynchronous which means you can access the material online whenever it suits you. You do not need to log on at a certain time every week, so the course suits busy lifestyles, work and/or family commitments, and a variety of time differences.

The discussion forum on this course creates an online community and is what participants really value. You can share best practice tips, exchange ideas, and discuss teaching experiences and theory with your peers. When everyone is logging on and talking about what they have learnt, all course participants gain a huge amount of insight, knowledge and experience which you can take on board throughout your professional career.


Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I need to devote to studying? We recommend at least 7 hours each week reading, completing tasks, and joining in the discussion forums. 

Are there live sessions? No. This course is asynchronous meaning you can access materials and discussion forums whenever it suits you. 

Do I have to be teaching? Yes, you need to be working as a teacher while taking the course.  

Do I have to read other books? No. We provide all the materials and links that you need. 

Can I join after the start date? Sorry, no. Your whole group learns together to discusses themes and topics, so you need to be there from the start.

How many people will be in my group? Usually between 8 and 12.

Will I get a certificate? Yes. See below!


Entry requirements

To apply for this course, you must some experience of teaching English of at least one-year full time (600 teaching hours). You do not need to have the Delta or other Diploma level teaching qualification.

Please note that your level of English should be C1 or above.

Online applications close on the Wednesday before the course starts. But we sometimes have late availability, so please get in touch with the admissions team on ihotti@ihworld.com and we will see if there are any last minute spaces. 

Course objectives

This course aims to improve practical teaching ability through increasing theoretical knowledge of teaching and self-analytical skills. It will give participants a wider understanding of English language teaching and expand on the elements taught on the CELTA course (or TEFL equivalent).


There are fifteen weeks of tutor led input on this course. After this you will have two weeks to complete and submit your portfolio of work ready for assessment. 

Your time commitment

During this course, participants should spend a minimum of 7 hours per week online and doing tasks. The more time you dedicate to the course, the more you’ll get out of it.  


The course tutors are all qualified tutors with many years of experience. All tutors have either a Delta or MA and an online teaching qualification.

Meet our IH OTTI tutors here

Your fellow course participants and online community

The number of course participants will be at least eight (that is our minimum), but is usually between twelve and eighteen. 

The online community that you create is usually one of the most valued parts of the course. With your peers you can share best practice, exchange ideas, and discuss teaching experiences with other teachers from all over the world.

The course aims to give you a much deeper understanding and knowledge of the principles of English language teaching and your own teaching. Initial teacher training courses such as the CELTA rightly focus on practical techniques, so this course encourages reflection and a much greater insight. The chance to engage with your fellow course participants and talk these things through is particularly valuable.  

So you won't find yourself just studying all on your own - you'll learn from each other as well as from the course material and your tutors.

Participants have commented that the discussion forums are almost like having a ‘mentor on tap’; a mentor that has experience of a variety of different contexts, different language learners and managing teachers from different countries.


At the end of this course, participants will be assessed based on a portfolio of tasks (12 of 15 must be completed) and a final assignment. This will be moderated by the IHWO Assessment Unit, and by Cambridge Assessment English. The grading of the course is Pass or Fail.

Your verified digital certificate

On successful completion of this course you will receive a digital certificate. This is stored securely on a verified site, so everybody can be confident that it is authentic and real.

It will look like the image below. Because it is additionally moderated by Cambridge Assessment English it carries a Cambridge logo to acknowledge this. 

Online Certificate Cambridge

You can share this with a prospective employer, client, or anybody else that you choose.

A digital certificate is more safe and secure for you than paper – it won’t get lost in the post, it won’t get damaged over time, and won’t get lost. It is always available, you can share in just one click, or you can print as many copies as you like whenever you would like. And, it’s better for the environment. Reducing paper, ink, and delivery means a lower carbon footprint.

Click here for a short video about verified digital certificates.


The IH CAM Course is delivered by IH OTTI (the IH Online Teacher Training Institute). IH OTTI courses are accredited by AQUEDUTO, the Association for Quality Education and Training Online. This is a charitable organisation dedicated to evaluating blended and online training courses against a quality assurance framework. Aqueduto accreditation helps language teaching professionals identify high quality course providers and enrol with confidence.


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