Terms and Conditions

For booking a course

We hope you will enjoy and do well on whichever course you choose.

In the vast majority of cases, everything runs smoothly and all students enjoy their course and do well.

But we know that choosing and booking onto a course is a big decision. The following guidance is important whatever you choose.

Before you enrol

Please reassure yourself that the course really is for you. Have you got the time at the moment, and do you have all the pre-requisite knowledge or experience? Read all the information and ask as many questions as you want from the tutors. We would prefer you to take your time rather than enrol on the wrong course. 

Check payment and cancellation conditions

Please carefully check the payment and cancellation conditions. These will be specific to the training centre you have chosen.

If you change your mind after enrolling, you may not get a full refund (or indeed anything.) And some centres may cancel a course if not enough students are enrolled.  They don't do this lightly, but sometimes it unavoidable. You will get a refund of any course fees you have paid, but probably not travel or accommodation. The best idea is to check with the centre that your course is definitely confirmed before you book travel or accommodation. 


After you've decided on your course dates, been accepted, and confirmed your place, you'll make all final arrangements and payments directly to the school.  


If you have any questions please contact us at advice@ihteachenglish.com

We wish you all the best!