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General information about CELTA

What is the CELTA course? 

The word CELTA stands for Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA). It is a course designed for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience or training. It will train you to teach English to students who would like to learn English as a second language. 

Why should I take the CELTA course?

By taking the CELTA a wealth of teaching opportunities will open up for you. The CELTA course is the most widely recognised certificate and most requested by employers. Three out of four English language teaching jobs require a CELTA qualification*.

*source Cambridge English Assessment website. 600 job adverts for English language teaching (ELT) jobs in over 60 countries, across 27 ELT international industry employment websites from November 2017 to January 2018.  Read more https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/news/view/three-quarters-of-elt-jobs-ask-for-cambridge-celta/

What is the structure of the CELTA course?

•    120 hours of contact time
•    The topics cover practical teaching skills and the theory behind them
•    You will be teaching real students with real linguistic needs! 
•    You will be assessed on your written assignments and teaching practice

What will I learn on the CELTA course? 

These are the broad course topics which will be covered during the CELTA course:
•    Learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
•    Language analysis and awareness
•    Language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
•    Planning and resources for different teaching contexts
•    Developing teaching skills and professionalism
For a detailed course syllabus, please see the official Cambridge English Website

What are the key elements of the CELTA course?

There are 5 key elements of the CELTA course:

•    It is a very practical course and its purpose is to help you become a professionally qualified English language teacher.
•    Experienced Teacher Trainers, who started out just like you, will help you learn and improve how to plan and deliver your lessons.
•    You will have six hours’ assessed teaching practice which are supervised by your course tutors and on which you will get personalised feedback.
•    You will be part of a group of students and be able to exchange ideas to grow together. 
•    You will learn from your tutors but also from your colleagues. There will be peer observations where you will be watching other candidates’ lessons and give constructive feedback to each other. 

How is the CELTA delivered?

The CELTA is delivered in three formats:

•    Full Time: delivered face-to-face over a period of 4 to 5 weeks. This intensive course is ideal for people who need to obtain the qualification as soon as possible.
•    Part Time: delivered face-to-face, it will suit people who are working at the same time. The length of the part-time course varies from one teacher training centre to another, but it usually lasts from between a few months to a year.
•    Online: this is a blended learning course which means that some of it is online, and some of it is face-to-face. It is ideal for people who want more flexibility or who have a long commute to the Teacher Training Centre. This format of the CELTA course combines online self-study with hands-on teaching practice. The length of the online courses may vary from a few months to a year depending on the delivery mode offered by the Teacher Training Centre.

Is the CELTA course suitable for me if I already have teaching experience?

Yes, definitely. The CELTA course is designed for people with little or no previous experience. Some candidates have already started teaching but found that they did not have enough guidance on how to structure lessons and how to get the best results in class. The CELTA course will help you obtain the results you want with your lessons and give you insights into successful teaching techniques which follow international standards and are used worldwide by experienced teachers.  

Where can I take the CELTA course?

This is a full list of CELTA centres around the world. 

How much is the CELTA course?

This is the full list of CELTA centres and fee information. 


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What are the entry requirements for the CELTA course? 

You don’t need any formal qualifications to take the CELTA. The entry requirement is that you are a proficient English language user (from CEFR Level C1 or IELTS Band 7 and above) and are educated to the standard required for entry into higher education. The minimum age is 18 years old. 

Do I need to have a degree to do the CELTA?

No, you don’t need to have a degree to take the CELTA. As long as you are educated to the level required to enter higher education, e.g. a university, you are eligible.

How do I apply for the CELTA course?

Candidates interested in applying for this course will go through the following process: 

•    Fill in the online application form.
•    You will receive a reply within 48 hours.
•    If you are successful, you will receive a more detailed application form which you should fill out. This will be sent directly to the school you are interested in.
•    The school will review your application form and let you know if you can proceed to the next step.
•    The school will book an interview task where you will speak to a CELTA course tutor.
•    The school will inform you if you have been accepted on the course.

On the CELTA course, candidates need to be officially accepted on the course by the Teacher Training Centre. This is because centres act on behalf of Cambridge Assessment English and in order to maintain the highest industry standards, they will only accept candidates they believe will pass the course. Candidates need to be committed and successfully complete the various tasks to take the CELTA. This meticulous selection process is designed in the interest of the candidate to guarantee that high quality standards are maintained on the course.

What is the pre-interview task on the CELTA course?

It is not a test. You will be sent a document to complete to help you start reflecting on language, thinking about the learner’s point of view, and to begin to consider approaches to the classroom. Tasks usually include language, grammar, pronunciation, language in context type questions and often a small motivational paragraph for you to write about the course. 

What is the interview like on the CELTA course?

Though it might seem a bit scary to have to talk to a tutor, this should be viewed as an opportunity not a test. Trainees find it very useful to have the chance to speak about the course to a real trainer, and trainers have the opportunity to check if the candidate is really motivated to take the course, which areas they might need to work more on, and if they are ready to start the course immediately. The interview normally lasts about 30 minutes.

How will I know if I have been successfully accepted on the CELTA course?

Following your interview, the tutor will send you an e-mail to inform you about the result of your application. Successful candidates will subsequently be sent an invoice to book their place on the course of their choice. 

Can I take the CELTA if English isn’t my first language?

Yes, of course! The entry requirement is that you are a proficient English language user (from CEFR Level C1 or IELTS Band 7 and above) and educated to the standard required for entry into higher education.


Language Awareness 

What if I don’t know anything about English grammar?

That’s absolutely fine! You don’t need to have any technical knowledge about English grammar before taking the CELTA. However, as you will be learning so much during the course, it will be incredibly useful to brush up on some terminology and technicality prior to starting the course. 

How can I revise my grammar?

We are here to help! If you book your CELTA through our website, you will have access to our FREE Grammar Course which will get you up to speed. We also recommend this reading list in case you find burying your nose in a book to be helpful. 

Assessment Criteria on the CELTA course

What is the pass grade on the CELTA course?

Successful candidates on the CELTA will obtain a Pass A, Pass B, or Pass Certificate at the end of the course.

Can I fail the CELTA course?

It is possible though very unlikely. Statistics from Cambridge Assessment English show that for 2018, the fail rate for all CELTAs around the world was just 0.6%.  
The course is designed to make you grow and progress throughout the programme. If there are any concerns with your assignments or lessons your tutors will inform you to help you understand why and guide you to obtain better results. It is a real learning curve where you will have the chance to improve your results throughout the course. 

Before you start your CELTA course

Once you have been accepted on the course the Teacher Training Centre will send you a pre-course task to complete. This is not assessed or marked but will allow you to start preparing for the course.

Is there a recommended reading list before starting the CELTA course?

Most centres will send you a recommended reading list. It is not necessary for you to study all the books, but they will help you start reflecting on the course. These books will most likely become your future reference before, during and after you have completed the CELTA course.

These are some of the most recommended books:
•    How to Teach English, by Jeremy Harmer 
•    Learning Teaching, by Jim Scrivener 

Most centres also recommend having a good grammar book even if English is your first language so you can revise before the course. The grammar book will also come in handy as a reference during the course. 

CELTA centres will also have a library available for students to use during the course. 

Will you help me find accommodation for my CELTA course?

Yes, centres will provide help and assistance in finding the right accommodation for you. It is very important that you find a place where you will be able to sleep well and concentrate for your course. Schools will give you advice and guidance according to your needs.

Do I need to bring my laptop for the course? 

It is not required for you to bring your own personal computer but a lot of trainees find it handy to have their own computer or laptop to work on. 

How much money should I take for the course?

In each school section you will find more details about the cost of living. See specific schools in this listing.  


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Jobs post CELTA

Will I be able to teach abroad with CELTA?

Yes, absolutely. You can teach anywhere in the world as the course is designed to train you to teach English as a second language to international students. The CELTA is a very practical teaching qualification that provides you all the fundamentals of language teaching and gives you confidence to teach in class.

Will I get a job with International House post CELTA?

We have a range of jobs offerings worldwide. Please check our current available positions

If you still have unanswered questions, then feel free to contact us directly—we are happy to answer any questions you may have.