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Apply for your CELTA through this website, and enrol on a course with an IH school and you will get all these benefits:

To help you succeed on the CELTA

  • FREE online grammar course
  • The IH Ultimate Guide to CELTA Teaching Practice E-book

To help in your first job, your "Teaching Starter Kit"

  • Self-study guides
  • Phonemic Chart
  • The Trained by IH e-book

To help you get the most from an interesting and rewarding career

  • Jobs help
  • Teaching resources and invites to free webinars

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CELTA from an IH school will boost your job chances.

Whether you want to study and work locally, or travel and have an adventure, we have a location to suit! Why wait?

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To help you succeed on the CELTA

1. FREE online grammar course

It's very useful to remind yourself about verbs, nouns, conditionals and all the rest, before you start your course. The CELTA is intensive, so anything you can do to prepare beforehand helps. The grammar course is online and self study, and can be taken at your own pace at a time to suit. 

2. The IH Ultimate Guide to CELTA Teaching Practice E-book

We realise the thought of teaching practice on the CELTA can be daunting. This e-book gives advice from recent IH alumni on not getting stressed, how to prepare, how to deal with your tutors - and how to deal with the students. 

Succeed on the CELTA

To help in your first job, your "Teaching Starter Kit"

3. Self study content

The CELTA is a fantastic preparation for teaching, but when you start your first job we want to give you a little extra help. 

Our alumni have told us that there are some topics that they would like a little more assistance with, so we listened and have prepared some handy self study courses.

  • Classroom Management - some useful input on classroom management techniques
  • Teen motivation - - what motivation is and how we can facilitate it
  • Pronunciation - an introduction to phonology 

We have also collated some mini webinars delivered by teachers within our network who share their experiences and ideas for the classroom.


4. Phonemic Chart

Phonemic chart

It's useful to have a phonemic chart in your teaching files. You may find yourself in a classroom where there isn’t one on the wall, and you can take out and use in any situation.

Your colleagues may be jealous - we don't mind if you print out and give them one too!


5. The Trained by IH e-book

We asked our experienced teaching and academic management staff from around the IH network for their advice for newly qualified staff. This is the result!

To help you get the most from an interesting and rewarding career

6. Jobs help

We can’t guarantee you a job but graduates from IH schools are definitely looked at favourably in the ELT jobs market. If you apply to another IH school, be sure you mention your tutors in your interview, and ask them to be a referee - your interviewer may know them. 

We also recruit for IH schools year round, so bookmark our jobs page for when you are looking to take the next stop in your career. 

7. Teaching tips and resources

Sign up to our alumni mailing list for access to training webinars, and don't forget our teaching tips resources. 

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