IH Teacher Trainer Cert.

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18 Oct - 29 Jan 2022
Online Training 100% Online PT £575

Who is this course designed for

The International House Teacher Trainer Certificate is for experienced teachers who want to move into the field of teacher training. The course provides some theoretical background and frameworks, but it is not intended to replace the existing observation and training-up process that is place for many courses.

The course is designed to enable trainers to work on a number of pre-service and in-service teacher training courses, but more reference will be made to the CELTA type of course.

Given the observation and feedback roles of many middle management teaching jobs, the course is also suitable for a teacher who is working in an in-house teacher development context.

Other reasons people have taken this course include:

  • Advancing their careers and be able to make the maximum impact in the teaching profession;
  • To be better mentors and deliver relevant and transformative personal development sessions;
  • Wanting to hire quality teachers for a not-for-profit school for refugees and being able to equip them with the heart and skills to teach competently;
  • Gaining knowledge on conducting training workshops and courses;
  • Improving knowledge with a formal certificate to increase future employment opportunities.

Entry requirements

To do this course, you should be either:

  • A DELTA-qualified teacher who is planning a move into teacher training.
  • An experienced teacher without DELTA who wishes to run in-service courses in your own context.
  • An Academic Manager who wishes to develop your in-house Teacher Development role.

Course objectives

The aim of this course is to prepare course participants for the main issues and techniques involved in teacher training. These include observing an initial teacher training course or assisting on an in-service teacher development course. It will also help a more senior teacher develop in their in-house Teacher Development role.


Course content

There are 12 modules on this course, with one module covered per week. These include:

  •  An introduction to teacher training and development
  • The skills of a teacher trainer
  • Understanding a trainee and the environment training is taking place
  • Reading your audience and managing difficulties
  • Developing training sessions
  • Support in the (trainee) teacher
  • Developing a teacher development programme
  • Organising an in-house observation
  • Managing feedback
  • The assessment process
  • Technology in the training world
  • Reading and research
  • An introduction to reflective practice

Throughout the course, you will complete a range of input, discussion and research-based tasks. There will be a two-week period at the end where you will have time to complete a final reflective task.

This course is asynchronous which means you can access the material online whenever it suits you. You do not need to log on at a certain time every week, so the course suits busy lifestyles, work and/or family commitments, and a variety of time differences.

The online discussion forums are a great way to share ideas and learn from your peers all over the world. Tutors will also log on frequently to monitor discussions and to give guidance as needed.

This online community are what participants really value about this course. You can share best practice tips, exchange ideas, and discuss experience with fellow experienced teachers. There is a huge variety of ways to be successful in the role of a teacher trainer, and by logging on and discussing these multitudes with your peers during the course, you will gain a huge amount of insight, knowledge and experience which you can take on board throughout your professional career.

Your time commitment

Study time on the course should be approximately seven to 10 hours per week, roughly one to two hours per day. However, there is no obligation to be online as frequently as this and you may prefer to do more work at weekends than on a daily basis.

Some of the tasks are to be completed as groups and will have deadlines, so you will need to make sure you’re available to be part of the team. The more time and effort you put into the course, the more you will get out of it.


As you go through the course, you will complete one homework task per module. You will be expected to submit a minimum of 75% of these tasks in your final portfolio. There will also be a reflective essay at the end which will also go into the portfolio.

This will be submitted to and marked by the IHWO Assessment Unit. Moderation takes approximately 28 days from submission. The final grade is either Pass or Fail.


The duration of the course is 14 weeks: 12 modules per week, followed by a final two weeks at the end for the reflective essay.


The course is run by qualified online tutors who have substantial teacher training experience.

Meet our IH OTTI tutors here



The IH Teacher Training Course is delivered by IH OTTI (the IH Online Teacher Training Institute). IH OTTI courses are accredited by AQUEDUTO, the Association for Quality Education and Training Online. This is a charitable organisation dedicated to evaluating blended and online training courses against a quality assurance framework. Aqueduto accreditation helps language teaching professionals identify high quality course providers and enrol with confidence.