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Taking the CELTA in the UK

Our International House schools in the UK are a great place to start your TEFL journey by taking the 100% online CELTA. There is an abundance of language schools around the UK for students who want to study abroad and learn English. As English is synonymous with the UK, international students choose language schools there to be immersed in the culture and history of the country, so language schools have courses running all year round.

While our schools are offering the 100% online CELTA, it doesn't matter where you're from if you want to take your CELTA course in the UK. Our IH schools in London, Belfast, Newcastle, Bristol and Portsmouth have a variety of CELTA course options, including online, face-to-face, full-time and part-time, so you're sure to find an option that suits you.

If you’re from the UK and would like to take a face-to-face course, doing the CELTA here will help to reduce your costs of going abroad and being TEFL trained in another country! Many people not from the UK also choose it as the place where they want to learn how to teach English. It means you will not only be speaking English in the classroom and with your peers, but also with the local people where you might pick up some interesting words and phrases!

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CELTA in London

For those who want to feel like they’re at the centre of all the action, taking the CELTA in London is ideal. The humming capital of the UK is non-stop – there is so much to do in London, it’s difficult to know where to start. Free museums and galleries, food markets galore, sightseeing hotspots, beautiful parks, ancient pubs, world-class theatres, walks by the river Thames, festivals and carnivals, historical buildings, independent bookshops, cinemas, and so much more! Whatever it is you want to do, you can do it in London.

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CELTA in Newcastle

If you’re looking for a lively city with lots of personality, you should consider doing your CELTA in Newcastle. This northern city has lots going on, with chic bars and charming pubs, markets with food trucks and knickknacks like the Quayside Market, and remarkable historical sites, such as the Victoria Tunnel and Newcastle Castle, from which the city got its name. Your visit isn’t complete, however, until you walk by the river and count the 7 impressive bridges which are synonymous with Newcastle.

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CELTA in Bristol

With a warm, friendly, welcoming atmosphere, doing the CELTA in Bristol is great if you’re looking for a trendy, vibrant city. Bristol has a reputation for its artistic flair. From spoken word events to theatres of all shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to be bored in Bristol. Even just walking around the city is like traversing a gallery with street art almost everywhere – it’s little surprise that Banksy was born in Bristol. There are plenty of coffee shops in Bristol if you’re needing a caffeine fix in between CELTA lessons and teaching practice, or if you have a spare moment, head to a board game café or vinyl shop to relax your brain!

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CELTA in Torquay

If you want to study CELTA in an idyllic UK seaside resort  Torquay could be the place for you. In the relaxed South West of England, IH Torquay offers an unrivalled study environment with close by beaches, rugged national parks and lush Devon countryside. For a calmer pace of life away from the hustle bustle of a city choose Torquay! 

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CELTA in Torquay

CELTA in Portsmouth

If you would like to take the CELTA in a vibrant university town on the south coast of the UK, Portsmouth is for you!

This island city, with a long maritime history, now hosts renowned festivals and events. Or if nature and wildlife interest you, it is very close to the South Downs and New Forest National Parks. 

The school has a strong teacher development ethos, with a Director of Studies for Teacher Development, who is also a Distance DELTA local tutor, CELTA trainer and author of two popular IELTS course books. Students and staff alike comment on the uniquely welcoming environment that makes LSI IH Portsmouth a wonderful place to study and work.

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