IH Newcastle

Newcastle, England

International House (IH) Newcastle is in a Grade I and II listed building. It has 16 classrooms with access to a large Personal Study Programme computer suite as well as a spacious students' room/café. The school is in the heart of the city, close to a wide choice of shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

IH Newcastle is one of the most prestigious teacher training centres in the UK and has offered training to over 5,000 teachers since 1990.

All our trainers are CELTA and DELTA qualified and specialise in English language as well as a range of specialist teachers’ courses including; CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) for state school teachers, Advanced Methodology and EAL (English as an Additional language) courses.


54.973578, -1.620785

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Course Type Dates Sort descending Mode Fee
CELTA 06 Feb - 03 Mar 2023
4 weeks
Full time F2F £1500
CELTA 05 Jun - 30 Jun 2023
4 weeks
Full time F2F £1,500
CELTA 04 Sep - 29 Sep 2023
4 weeks
Full time F2F £1,500
CELTA 20 Nov - 15 Dec 2023
4 weeks
Full time F2F £1,500

Life in and around Newcastle

Newcastle is a welcoming and friendly city, where students can get connected to locals straight away. The city has a compact city centre where students are able to go everywhere within just a few minutes walking.

Geordies, how we call individuals born in Newcastle, love welcoming international students and are always starting conversations in bars and restaurants. Students are often asked about life back home and about their experiences in the city.

Newcastle is also good for students who want to explore areas nearby. There is beautiful Northumberland and Alnwick, with scenery locations of historical films, and also easy access to main hubs such as Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Studying at IH Newcastle

Public transport, the metro and and buses work really well around Newcastle. There is a bus stop in front of our building, as well as two main metro stops nearby. No students need to walk more than five minutes to get any public transport.

Right besides IH Newcastle, you can find several restaurants and cafes. Trainees will be able to choose between several restaurants and four coffee shops all less than three minutes away. There also is a supermarket just opposite the school, or in Eldon Square you can shop at Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

To give you an idea of prices, a kilo of oranges will cost about £2, a Big Mac about £5.50 and a bottle of beer about £2.50.