Full time IH Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers (IH CYLT) course at IH Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine
1 Jul 2020 - 21 Jul 2020

Date Location Mode Fee
Kyiv, Ukraine
IH Kyiv
Full time 9,500 UAH

About the teacher training centre

IH Kyiv was founded in 1992. We now have two locations in the city, each with spacious classrooms smart-boards, photocopiers and good facilities.

We, Tanya O and Tanya T (the directors), are honoured to lead a strong management team and a dedicated teaching staff committed to providing an excellent service to all our students. 

If you come here to work or study, we hope you will feel the buzzing of energy and enthusiasm which we feel around the school every day. 

IH Cert in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers

The International House Young Learners and Teenagers’ programme is an extremely practical course designed to enable candidates to:

  • effectively transfer and  apply their existing English teaching skills from an adult to a young learners and teenagers context
  • gain a deeper understanding of how young learners and teenagers learn and how to cater to their needs, interests and motivation
  • plan for and stage effective lessons in order to teach language lessons and to develop their language skills
  • acquire and use a range of communicative activities, games and resources in order to make language learning fun, communicative and meaningful
  • develop effective classroom management strategies and techniques in order to competently manage classes of young learners and teenagers
  • continue their own personal development as teaching professionals after the course

The course is moderated by Cambridge Assessment English. This means your certificate will include the Cambridge logo, adding value to your qualification. 

 Cambridge Assessment English



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IH CYLT at IH Kyiv

IH Kyiv is the only centre to offer this valuable course in Ukraine. It's run as an intensive face to face course, lasting just over two weeks. All of the sessions are presented in English and the written assignments must be written in English.

We would encourage teachers to apply who 

  • have an interest in teaching young learners and would like further training,
  • have a minimum English language level of C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

You need to be over 18 years old, and cleared by local police checks as being suitable for working with children.

You should know there is an additional fee of 98 GPB for receiving your certificate. 

Tutors at this training centre

Tetiana Tereshchenko

I have been teaching EFL for more than 40 years and a teacher trainer since 2002. I was the first ever CELTA tutor that Cambridge approved in Ukraine.
My advice for students? Work hard and ask questions on the course, and in your teaching career be open to new ideas, do not be afraid to experiment, and never stop developing.

Olena Lysytsya

I have been teaching EFL for the last 15 years and had been teacher training for about 12 years before becoming a CELTA teacher trainer in August 2019.

For a rewarding career in EFL, be a team player! No one can meet all the needs of all the students who walk through our doors without help. It just isn't possible. The best way to find that help is by asking questions from your more professional colleagues. Teachers need other teachers to succeed.

And never forget: teaching is your superpower! Use it wisely!

Tatiana Ivanova

I have been teaching EFL and providing training for teachers for more than 20 years; an IHCTL teacher trainer since 2018, a CELTA teacher trainer since August 2019. Before this, I worked as a teacher trainer for the Pearson publishing house.

I encourage my trainees to master new approaches and techniques in teaching English and inspire them to professional development and growth. I hope they enjoy the course!

Amir Landa

I have been teaching EFL for more than 10 years; a teacher trainer since 2012. Before this, I worked as a live audio technician in New York and Massachusetts.

The best thing about teaching and training is working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. I encourage my trainees to consider their learners at each step of their planning and to enjoy and react to what the learners say and do in the classroom.

IH CYLT Student Testimonials

The course was fantastic, I didn’t even think it would be that much fun! Even though those were two very hard weeks, we really enjoyed them. If you’re reading this message and still wondering if you need the course, if you’re still on the fence, hop off it and start getting the maximum out of your life. The two weeks will be an awesome beginning which will be the beginning of future hard-working days and moments of glory!  Igor Cherkasy


I would like to thank IH for running the IHCYLT. The course opened my eyes and gave me a chance to improve my teaching with young learners. During the course, I gained a lot and experience, and I learned different approaches during my TPs. Personal thanks to our tutors for their dedication and support during these “easy” two weeks:). They made the course achievable and memorable! Thank you. Veronika Zaporizhzhya


I did the IH CYLT course with IH Kyiv. Had a lot of fun and have been able to put a lot of what I learnt into practice with both my primary and secondary classes. David Ghatei


These 12 days might have been the hardest days in my teaching experience. At the same time my impressions are only positive!!!

  • I would like to show my gratitude to the IH Kyiv team. 
  • The course has been very useful and very enjoyable for the following reasons: 
  • it is very information and refreshing 
  • it provides you with practical experience supported by valuable recommendations from the super-qualified tutor team
  • I was provided with a lot of tutor’s attention 24/7
  • Also the course was organised very well – we had everything we needed, i.e. colored paper, photocopier, library, a fridge etc. 

Finally, the course has become a great source of inspiration for further creative experiments in my classroom! Highly recommended!!! Olha Muzychenko