100% Online PT IH Cert. Online Tutoring course at IH OTTI

Online Training
16 Oct 2021 - 20 Nov 2021

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Online Training
100% Online PT £315

About the teacher training centre

Do you want an online professional development course, no matter where you are in the world?

We have courses for every stage of a teacher’s career, from soon after your initial qualification to DELTA level and management courses. 

On our courses you can ‘attend’ whenever (and wherever!) is convenient for you. You don't usually have to attend a live chat or webinar at a specific time, although sometimes there are live "meetups" so you have the chance to chat with your tutor and other classmates. 

To help you there is ongoing support from your tutors in online forums and through individual feedback - and you'll probably find your other course participants are really helpful as well. 

The IH Certificate in Online Tutoring

If you’re a teacher looking to deliver lessons online, or an experienced teacher interested in working as an online tutor or trainer, this course is for you.  It will teach you the techniques and approaches to online tutoring for both student-orientated and teacher-orientated courses in Virtual Learning Environments.

There are four modules :

  • Module One: Setting the Right Climate
  • Module Two: Basic Tutoring Skills
  • Module Three: Synchronicity
  • Module Four: And In Summary

You will have to submit a portfolio of tasks for assessment at the end.

The course lasts 5 weeks.


Good news! If you work in an International House school you will receive a discount, reducing the fee to just £190.


Unfortunately, for both business and individuals located in the UK we have to add 20% VAT. This means you will pay £378, or £228 if you are IH staff.

If you are not based in the UK, you won't be charged this. 


IH COLT student testimonials

The knowledge and input they will receive is invaluable to anyone intending to teach online.  John Bennett


They will learn a lot about how to tutor online and develop their confidence greatly. Emily Reid


It is practical and manageable while working full-time. Laura Marshall


The content was relevant and overall it was very manageable to do on top of working full-time. I thought it was definitely worth the money.   Miranda Hamilton


It was so professionally conducted and useful. Nicole Webster


It is very practical and well designed and supported. Virginia Irwin



Tutors at this training centre

Shaun Wilden

Shaun Wilden is the Academic Head of training and development for the International House World Organisation and as such the person who oversees all OTTI courses. He’s been involved in English language teaching for over twenty-five years, these days specialising in technology and language teaching. His latest book “Mobile Learning” was published in 2017 by OUP. He is a trustee of IATEFL. For a hobby he makes the TEFL commute podcast for teachers. Other than that he enjoys playing games both digital and tabletop. When doing neither of these things you’ll find him walking in the nearby woods or growing roses in his garden.

Andriy Ruzhynskiy

Andriy is a Senior Teacher and Teacher Trainer at International House Language Centre Kharkiv, Ukraine. He has been teaching English and Russian to students from all over the world since 1984. In 2002 he became an SIT TESOL trainer and in 2007 he got licensed to run CELTA and IHCTL courses. He has run teacher training courses in about 15 countries, from Mauritania to New Zealand.

He is convinced that this is real blessing to have this job as it gives he fantastic chances to meet great professionals all over the world. He regularly takes part in conferences and workshops on teaching techniques and approaches in his country and abroad. He is also a singer at a Ukrainian folk group.

Ben Naismith

Ben is a second-year Linguistics PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh and has been working the field of English Language Teaching since 2002. His research interests lie in the lexical development of adult language learners, teacher pedagogy, second language acquisition, and corpus linguistics. As part of the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute (ELI) Data Mining Group, he is currently investigating aspects of lexical sophistication as they focus on applying computational methods to the Pitt ELI Learner Corpus (PELIC).

Ultimately, his professional goal is to work towards bridging the gap between academics and ELT practitioners in order to meaningfully and positively impact language teaching and learning.

Darren Bell

Darren has been working in the English language teaching sector for over fifteen years and has taught in a variety of contexts. His first teaching job was in Spain. Then he worked for a large private language school in London and took the Diploma in English language teaching. After that he changed to the state sector and became a course leader and teacher trainer. He is currently based in Canterbury in the UK and does a mixture of teaching, teacher training and examining, as well as online moderating.

His professional interests are integrating technology in English language teaching and deepening his knowledge and expertise in the EAP sector. When he is not working, he enjoys tennis, rugby, swimming, the cinema and tasting good food and wine on his travels.

David Petrie

David has been teaching for about 16 years or so now and is based in Coimbra, Portugal. He has also been involved in teacher training for the last ten years and more recently has been doing some materials writing and freelance consulting for ELT publishers. He also tries and blog about language teaching as often as he can at www.teflgeek.net. You can also very occasionally find him on twitter, though mostly only on Wednesdays for #ELTChat.

Emma Cresswell

Emma is a DELTA qualified teacher and teacher trainer. Currently based at IH Aberdeen, where she is a DoS and CELTA Coordinator, Emma has previously worked for IH in Argentina, Portugal and Spain. As well as tutoring on OTTI, Emma is also an IHCYLT and IHBET trainer, and regularly presents at different national and international conferences, both online and face to face.

Emma has been tutoring on the IH COLT since 2014 and never ceases to be intrigued by the developments in both online teaching and learning.

Giovanni Licata

Giovanni has been working as an English language teacher for fifteen years and has had the opportunity to teach all age groups and levels. His first teaching job was in a tiny language school in Rome where he was mainly teaching Business English in local companies. Years later, after CELTA and DELTA, he has had the opportunity to teach all levels and age groups. Since he started training pre-service and in-service EFL/ESL teachers he has explored different contexts and worked in Europe, Asia and the US. Over the years, he has developed an interest in sociolinguistics and the use of authentic text in the classroom. His dream is to open an Italian style wine bar in California and serve top-quality wine and bruschettas!

Lisa Philips

Lisa Phillips has been working in the ELT industry for over 20 years in a range of contexts around the globe. She has experience as a teacher, trainer, presenter, materials writer, academic manager, examiner and inspector, and has been tutoring with the IH Online Training Institute since 2012.

In what feels like another life, she studied drama and literature at university before finding her passion in teaching. She successfully completed the DELTA in 2005 and is a believer in Lifelong Learning and continual goal setting - a healthy sense of curiosity and adventure can go a long way!

Lisa Wilson

Lisa has been teaching since 2010 and has taught in Japan, England, Poland and Spain and is now working at IH Palermo Language Centre as the Young Learner Director of Studies. She's worked with International House since the start of her career and focuses a lot of her teaching and teacher training on Younger Learners. Lisa has been involved in teacher training, both on a local and international level, for over 7 years and is both a CELTA tutor and an IHCYLT tutor. She has a degree in English and Sociology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Careers Guidance and has completed her CELTA, IHCYLT, DELTA, IHCOLT and IH Language Awareness Courses with International House.

Maureen McGarvey

Maureen McGarvey is a course tutor on our Academic Management courses and has been involved in ELT since 1974. She has been a teacher, teacher trainer, and academic manager at middle and senior management levels. She has also been Programme Manager for a range of eLearning programmes, primarily focussing on teacher development, trainer development and academic manager development. Her main areas of interest are academic manager development, CPD for teachers and integrating online and blended learning programmes with whole-school development. She is a frequent conference speaker on issues related to academic management.

Olga Connolly

Olga has been working at IH for 18 years. She started as a teacher of English and then developed her career as an academic manager and teacher trainer. She is also an IH inspector and CELTA assessor who has international experience of working in European, Asian, Middle Eastern and African countries. She is DoS for IH-BKC Moscow; Teacher trainer for Cambridge CELTA and Delta, and trainer for IH Teacher Development courses; and a holder of a pedagogical degree and MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics (University of Portsmouth, UK). Although she is interested in a range of teaching and educational management areas, her passion has always been teacher training and teacher development.

Paul Ashe

Paul has been involved in the world of TEFL since 1997 after completing CELTA (and later DELTA) with IH London. He is a lifelong learner and has experienced different areas of the ELT sector as teacher, materials writer, editor, Director & DOS as well as qualified and experienced teacher trainer (online and F2F) and have had the pleasure to teach teachers and train DoS' all over the world.

When he gets the chance he enjoys a good walk in the hills and looking after his rooftop vegetable garden and learning from his teenage children.

Paula de Nagy

Paula de Nagy has been involved in teaching since 1982. She trained as a secondary school teacher but all her teaching experience has been in the area of ELT. She started off as a teacher, was part-owner in a school where she learnt about being a DoS and then joined IH where she have taught, been a DoS and worked as a trainer. She has been Director of Teacher Training at IH schools in Lisbon since 1995 – most of her time is spent working on CELTA, DELTA, YL courses as well as training State School teachers. She has been involved with IHWO OTTI courses since its early days and have both written materials for courses and trained on the YL, CAM, COLT, DOS and TT courses. When she is not busy with training face-to-face or online courses, she assesses for Cambridge and occasionally, does inspection visits for IHWO.

Ryan Blair

Ryan has been an English language teacher for around 10 years now, teaching YL’s, general, exam and business English for various schools in a variety of countries, but mainly for International House Mexico City. Here, aside from teaching, he worked as a teacher trainer, mainly tutoring on intensive, extensive and blended CELTA courses as well as the marking of CELT-P and CELT-S portfolios. In addition, Ryan was also a speaking and writing examiner for IELTS, and speaking examiner for Cambridge ESOL main suite exams. Currently, he is involved with teaching EAP for the University of Reading as well as being an online tutor for International House World Organisation. Ryan holds a CELTA, IHCAM, Delta and MA in English Language Teaching as well as various tutoring certificates such as IHCOLT, IHTTC and Cambridge English Train the Trainer.

Stephen Mander

Stephen is a DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer, with over fifteen years experience of teaching adults and YLs. Now, he is based in Porto, Portugal, but has worked in Japan, Vietnam, Syria, Jordan, Slovakia, Hungary, France and the UK, and have tutored on CELTA, TYLEC and Trinity Diploma Courses.

In his free time, he loves travel, cooking and reading.

Xana de Nagy

Xana is a teacher and teacher trainer at IH Lisbon. She lives in Lisbon but was brought up in South Africa. She has been teaching since 1984, took DTEFLA in 1987 and has been training since 1990. Now, most of her time is spent working on CELTA (both face to face and Online), but she also trains on IHCAM, DELTA, IHCYLT courses and run sessions for state school teachers. For IHWO OTTI, she has tutored on both IHCYLT and IHCAM. She has always been interested in teaching children so her MSc was in TEYL. She has also worked in the state sector in Portugal training teachers to teach English to children. This included VYLs (Nursery) and YLs and Teens and prepared her for teaching large classes.

Zorica Kovacevic

Zorica Kovacevic is the Manager and DOS in IH Belgrade Language and Teacher Training Centre, Serbia. She holds a MA in ELT methodology and has long experience in teacher training, including working as the MCT&ACT on CELTA courses, IHC and DoS courses on OTTI. She also worked as an IHCYL local tutor. Her fields of interest are: learning as a process, learner autonomy, action research to improve learning and teaching, teacher development as well as curriculum and syllabus design. Zorica was very active in introducing quality standards in Serbia and is the author of the quality inspection scheme for language schools. In her free time she enjoys long walks by the Danube, doing yoga and meditating. And - she loves cakes.