Young Learners Courses

Young Learners Courses

Many jobs in TEFL involve teaching young learners. In some countries, YL classes form the vast majority of all EFL teaching. Most teachers will be required to teach this age group (6 - 17 year olds) at some point in their career - and many will choose to specialise in this area.

Teaching young learners can be a delight – they are enthusiastic, funny, and eager to take part in whatever activities a teacher plans. But it can also be a challenge to manage kids lessons.

So some specialist training will help you to plan and manage successful lessons, and will help you progress in your career. 

We have a variety of courses you can choose from - either face to face or online, and from a week to eight weeks. You might want to specialise with very young learners (under age 6), or with kids on summer camps. 

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