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Mexico City, Mexico

As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus Covid-19, we strengthen our commitment to the health and safety of every member of our international community. We want to reassure all of you that we are being vigilant and monitoring the situation as the international organisation we are. Today our teams are working hard and focusing on taking measures in order to protect our community and to reduce the impact of the pandemic. 

In an effort to help the global community of CELTA candidates, the IH Mexico City has decided to officially launch and support the running of a 100% online CELTA. This will continue to provide CELTA training to the global community and facilitate the training needed by many potential candidates out there eager to continue developing their teaching skills in a completely safe environment, while at the same time equipping you for the skill needed in a new reality in this world: online teaching!

For more details of the 100% online course, find a course and click "More info". 

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The IH Mexico City centre is very well-located in one of the best neighbourhoods in the city (our own Mexican ‘Soho’), with boutique hotels, art galleries, LGBT-friendly places, pet-friendly hotels and restaurants. Our building has protected status because of its Mexican cultural heritage - you will be studying and working in a historic location! 

Each year the school is the base for hundreds of teacher training candidates, thousands of students taking face to face courses either at the centre or in their own company premises, and tens of thousands registering for IELTS and other exams. There is always somebody coming or going through the main doors! 

Classrooms are spacious with computers, wi-fi, stationery and photocopiers available for students to use  - with no charges. We also have an electronic library of resources for candidates to work on their materials, assignments, and lesson plans from the comfort of their homes and weekends if they wish.

Mexico City is full of culture and history. It's historic centre, better known as Zocalo, has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is the heart of a living culture that exudes everything accumulated since the founding of Tenochtitlan, the original Mexico City.


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Course Type Dates Sort descending Mode Fee
CELTA 10 Aug - 30 Oct 2020
Part Time, Fully Online
100% Online 1,250 USD
Summer Sale!
CELTA 24 Aug - 27 Nov 2020
8-10 sessions online, 2 weeks face-to-face Mon-Fri, 12.30-7
Online & F2F 1,850 USD
CELTA 24 Aug - 13 Nov 2020
Part Time, Fully Online
100% Online 1,250 USD
Summer Sale!
DELTA Module 3 07 Sep - 27 Nov 2020
100% Online 600 USD
CELTA 07 Sep - 02 Oct 2020
4 weeks, Mon-Fri, 9.30-7
Full time 1,795 USD
DELTA Module 1&2 combined 07 Sep - 27 Nov 2020
Part time 3,500 USD
CELTA 07 Sep - 27 Nov 2020
Part Time, Fully Online
100% Online 1,400 USD
DELTA Module 2 07 Sep - 27 Nov 2020
Online & F2F 2,500 USD
DELTA Module 1 14 Sep - 27 Nov 2020
100% Online 900 USD
CELTA 21 Sep - 11 Dec 2020
Part Time, Fully Online
100% Online 1,400 USD

Life in and around Mexico City

Mexico City has now become a major player on quite a few "places-to-visit" lists. International guidebooks, prestigious travel newsletters, chefs and designers have set their sights on this great city. Residents of Mexico City, who simultaneously love and hate it, know very well why they stay and why they always recommend it to travellers from all over the world.

The Mexican capital has evolved without losing sight of its history, but the best thing it’s done is to simply be itself. The local cuisine is delicious, and the nightlife includes both interesting dives and luxury bars. Socially responsible fashion is booming, too, and there are more contemporary art offerings now than ever before. Also, Mexico City is still a relatively cheap city in comparison to other capitals in the world (potentially as much as 3-5 times cheaper than NYC!).  

Studying at IH Mexico City

It is very easy to get to Mexico City as it is one of the most important hubs in the whole of the the Americas. There are direct flights from practically any city in the US, Canada, and several in the rest of Latin America. There are direct flights from the main European cities too (e.g. Madrid, London, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon, etc.).

There are many public transport options to get to IH Mexico City. There is the subway, which you can take to Chilpancingo Station (Chilpancingo stop is just a five-minute walk from the school). There is also Metrobus Line 1, which goes to Chilpancingo stop (a five-minute walk from the centre) and Metrobus Line 2 to Escandon stop (a five-minute walk from the centre). You can also take the bus, of which there are several routes, or via car, although there is no parking lot, just parkimetres.

The closest places to the school to get a drink or some lunch or dinner are Starbucks, Peltre, Chiquitito, El Pendulo, El Farolito and El Califa. The nearest supermarket is Superama, just five blocks from the school.


We can arrange accommodation for students, or provide guidance for people who want to book their own.

You can choose to stay in an apartment or hotel, or with a Mexican host family. All host families are carefully selected by our accommodation department and will give students their own room with suitable faciities, and cook an evening meal if you would like! Most families live within a 20-minute walk from the school.