Phrasal Verbs - Domino Game

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Worksheets & short activities
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CEFR level B1


Explain to the learners that they are going to play dominoes and elicit the rules from them as far as possible.

Explain that to match dominoes, learners have to match a phrasal verb to the context given on the other side of the domino. They must be able to think of a sentence including the phrasal verb on the card in response to the given context.

Do an example or two as a class. For example, the context ‘They arrive at lunchtime.’ can be followed by the response ‘Who’s going to pick them up?’.

Put the learners into groups of three and give each group a set of dominoes.

One learner deals out four dominoes to each player. The rest of the dominoes (the pack) are placed face down to one side of the playing area. Turn over the top domino from the pack and place it in the middle of the table. This is the starting domino.

The player to the left of the dealer begins. If they can combine one of the dominoes in their hand with the domino on the table they place it next to the side it matches with and makes their response using the relevant phrasal verb. If their partners are happy the sentence is correct, the next learner takes their turn. If there is a doubt about the sentence, the teacher can be asked for a second opinion. If the learner makes an incorrect sentence, they take the domino back and their turn finishes.

If a player cannot use any of the dominoes they hold, they pick one up from the top of the pack. If they can use this domino, they are allowed to play it immediately in the normal way; if not, their turn finishes and the next player continues.

The first player to use all of their dominoes is the winner.


There is also a blank version so you can adapt to your own activity.