Modal Verbs - Find Someone Who

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Worksheets & short activities
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CEFR level B1

Aim of the Game

The aim of the game is to complete a class survey to find classmates who can answer yes to the given statements. The first person to match a classmate to each of the given situations is the winner.



Explain to the learners that they are going to complete a class survey.

First of all they need to prepare the questions they are going to ask each other to find people for whom the statements are true.

Do the example together on the whiteboard, eliciting the question the learners need to ask in order to find out whether the statement is true for the person asked.

Put the learners in pairs and ask them to prepare the ten questions they will need to survey the class. Feedback on the questions quickly as a class.

Allow the learners around ten minutes to ask each other the questions and try to find someone for whom a statement is correct. Insist on learners swapping partners after they have asked each other a question, so that no one asks the same person two questions in the same conversation. This will help ensure learners talk to as many different people as possible.

When a learner finds someone who answers their question positively, they should write their name in the first column (name of student).

When someone has found a name for each statement, declare them the winner of the game.

Feedback on who they found for each statement and elicit extra information as appropriate.



Instead of conducting the activity as a race, encourage learners to ask follow up questions and try and find out as much as possible about each other, rather than race to finish first.

If you have ‘raced’ the activity, put pairs in small groups afterwards to discuss the statements in more detail and to find out more information about each other. Then in feedback, encourage learners to report back to the whole class on the most interesting information they have discovered about each other.


There is also a blank version so you can adapt to your own activity.