Full time F2F DELTA Module 2 course at IH Wroclaw

Wroclaw, Poland
4 Jul 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

Date Location Mode Fee
Wroclaw, Poland
IH Wroclaw
Full time F2F PLN 8,780

About the teacher training centre

IH Wroclaw opened in 1994.  We teach children, teenagers and adults, in groups or individually. We offer general and business language courses, and help students to prepare for exams. We also run the CELTA and DELTA teacher training courses. 

Our school is located in the centre where you have access to a range of eating options at lunchtimes and in the evenings. Practical amenities such as stationary shops, a post office etc. are close at hand.

The medieval Old Square (Rynek), which is the main focal point of the city centre, is literally just seconds away from the school. Some say it is the most beautiful Rynek in Poland. In the summer the square is lined with open-air cafes and bustling with street entertainment, which makes it an excellent place for relaxation after a hard day of training!

The best thing about the school is the atmosphere -  the school is professional but relaxed, which means that it’s easy to interact with and get to know some of our regular teaching staff who —who knows—could be your colleagues someday.

There are ten classrooms, a teachers’ room and resource centre with computer facilities, printer, photocopier and a library. There are OHP in input and TP classrooms, CD players etc.

What is DELTA Module 2?

DELTA (Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages) covers advanced theory and practice to help you develop in your teaching career. You need at least one year’s experience to make the most of it.

There are three modules, which you can take in any order.

DELTA Module 2 is “Developing Professional Practice”.  It is assessed with a portfolio of coursework and assessed lesson observations. Topics covered are:

  • The learner and learning context
  • Preparing to teach
  • Using resources and materials in the classroom
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluating lesson planning
  • Observing lessons
  • Professional development

For more detail about DELTA and DELTA module 2, read our full guide here.

DELTA Module 2 at IH Wroclaw

We believe this is what marks us out:

  • Quality assured: we have been delivering initial teacher training courses since 1994 and have a long tradition of quality teacher training.
  • Consistency: our training team is not only highly experienced, but also works together throughout the year (we very rarely use freelancers). This means that you can be sure that our trainers, despite their differing teaching styles and personalities, will be clear and consistent in their message to you.
  • Context: we are not just a highly active CELTA centre but also run the Cambridge DELTA course as well as a range of specialised post-CELTA courses. That means that you are getting your training within a broader training context
  • Service: we pride ourselves in our personal touch, from your first inquiry through to your last day on the course and beyond; we do our best to give you the support you need.
  • Wrocław: a great city to visit and live in. Everyone finds their niche here, whether they like the nightlife or the hiking in the nearby Karkonosze Mountains.

Our candidates are usually a mix of nationalities from all over the world, both native and non-native speakers. 

Tutors at this training centre

Katarzyna Kępińska

My career has always been in teaching English – I’ve been teaching for about 12 years and I’ve been a teacher trainer for 3 years.

I like working on pronunciation a lot, which is what I often bring up in sessions. I think it’s just so important to include pronunciation practice in English classes on everyday basis as it is connected with increasing students’ communicative and listening abilities.

Alex Tilbury

I have been an English language teacher for 22 years and a trainer for 18 years.

I hope for my trainees to be knowledgeable – about the English language, language acquisition and teaching techniques; empathetic – placing learners' needs, reactions and contributions at the heart of their planning and teaching; and principled – able to express clear rationales for each lesson and lesson stage.

Kasia Jakielaszek

I started off after my initial training in 1990 and continued as a full time EFL teacher until 2012. From 2012 I’ve been mostly teacher training, first working as a Director of Studies in a language school before moving on to CELTA training.

To get the most from the course and your TEFL career, keep on reflecting, experimenting with your techniques and never stop learning. Try to enjoy teaching as much as you can – if you enjoy it, your learners will too.