100% Online FT DELTA Module 1 course at IH Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania
14 Mar 2022 - 20 May 2022

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Bucharest, Romania
IH Bucharest
100% Online FT £450

About the teacher training centre

IH Bucharest was opened  by Alina and Mihai Gânj more than 18 years ago, and they are still actively involved in the day to day running of the organisation. They, and the whole team at the school are committed to offering excellence in language and training services.

Our main headquarters – where teacher training courses take place – has always been in the same location in the central area of Bucharest and very easily accessible by local transport (bus, tram, underground).  We also have other two centres in Bucharest.

We are a very large school and have both adult courses (mostly in-company) and YL courses (over 2000 YLs attend our classes yearly). We run CELTA and IH CYLT training courses, and courses for teachers teaching very young learners. 

Besides running CELTA courses, the school also offers a series of workshops aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language from state schools in Romania. This provides a common ground between the public and private education system, where a transfer of expertise can take place. The Romanian Ministry of Education and Research has officially acknowledged IH Bucharest’s merit in providing training to its teachers. 

What is DELTA Module 1?

DELTA (Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages) covers advanced theory and practice to help you develop in your teaching career. You need at least one year’s experience to make the most of it.

There are three modules, which you can take in any order.

DELTA Module 1 is “Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching”. This is the examined module, and is primarily theoretical.  Topics are

  • Theory of language acquisition and language teaching
  • Different teaching approaches and methodologies
  • Language systems and linguistic problems
  • Language skills
  • Resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
  • Assessment concepts and terminology

For more detail about DELTA and DELTA module 1, read our full guide here.

DELTA Module 1 at IH Bucharest

Tutors at this training centre

Alex Tilbury

I was 19 years old, and I taught Tibetan Buddhist monks in a monastery in the north of India. I loved the experience but I was, despite my lack of experience, self-aware enough to know that my teaching left much to be desired! So I did a CELTA course a couple of years later and then got a position working for International House in Katowice, Poland. I stayed there for eight years, ending up as the Director of Studies, and then became a freelance writer and teacher trainer.

Teodora Manole

I started teaching in 2010 right here, at IH Bucharest. For the first three years I taught adult classes, mostly business English, but I’ve always liked to learn new things, so after doing the IH CYLT course I (quite warily) started teaching younger learners and teenagers, too. Actually, these are now the primary age groups I work with as a teacher – and also what keeps me young!
I started teacher training with becoming a mentor, which was something my own wonderful mentors inspired me to strive for. This involved everything from 1-to-1 input sessions to assisted lesson planning, observations and the occasional counselling session – not too dissimilar to what happens on a CELTA course, in fact! I then slowly started delivering in-house training sessions, short in-service courses and larger-scale workshops for local teachers - and of course the CELTA!

Una Ni Chaoilte

I started my English teaching career in Budapest, Hungary, back in 2003. It was a fantastic first experience, as I met really talented, motivated and experienced Hungarian English teachers who helped me to find my feet in a new city and in the TEFL world.
After Budapest I moved to Catania, a city in the very south of Italy, on the island of Sicily. Apart from IH Catania I have also worked for IH Belfast and IH Galway in the past, and I did my DELTA with IH Budapest and IH London. I trained as a teacher trainer after I completed my DELTA.

Robert Martinez

I started teaching English in Bogota, Colombia, in 1994 at the Centro Colombo Americano. I had just finished college and was in Bogota when I was offered a teaching job. I completed a one-month teacher training course very similar to the CELTA which was offered internally and that was the beginning of my ESOL teaching career. I’ve now been in ELT for 24 years and have loved every minute of it!

Iulia Lehner

I started my teaching career with International House Bucharest on 15th October 2009. I remember the date exactly, because this was my first ‘real’ job after uni and I was very proud of it.
I took up teacher training in 2015. After a successful teaching career in Bucharest, I felt that the next step is teacher training – a passion that the many training sessions we had at IH Bucharest inspired in me.