Get certified to teach professionally online

Get qualified to teach online with the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring (IH COLT). This 100% virtual course focuses on the skills, techniques and approaches to online tutoring and is ideal for teachers who are seeking professional training in this area.

The course has four modules covering everything you need to know and is delivered 100% online by our expert IH Online Teacher Training Institute tutors. Maha Sohail, a teacher in Oman, took the course recently. Here she tells us more about why she recommends this course.

Why did you decide to take the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course with International House’s OTTI?

I decided to take the COLT course with IH OTTI as I heard many good reviews from my colleagues. Also, I wanted to update and learn more about online teaching. Back in March 2020, we all jumped on to the emergency online teaching bandwagon without any prior knowledge and I wanted support to make my classes engaging and productive. 

How did you find the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course content? 

I learnt about how to plan an online course, different learning styles, synchronous and asynchronous learning and the difference between summarising and weaving a task. The course content was very apt and crisp. I never felt overwhelmed and also it wasn’t insubstantial. It had the right balance of tasks and assignments. The content was extremely useful and practical. 

What is the most valuable aspect of the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course?

The most valuable aspect was that I gained a lot of knowledge on how to design and plan an online course. As I have always been interested in CALL activities and was always involved in bringing technology into my classroom, this course helped me in structuring and sequencing my online courses.

Would you recommend taking the IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course? If so, why?

100% yes! Because this course guides you regarding:

  • The different online teaching techniques
  • The ability to engage your students successfully
  • The online tasks and make sure that they are effective 
  • How to e-moderate your classes like a pro.

The next IH Certificate in Online Tutoring course starts on May 22nd 2021. Find more detailed information about the course and sign up here!