CELTA advice from Carmen Torres Marquez

Carmen Torres Marquez is a CELTA tutor at the IH Mexico schools


How long were you an EFL teacher, and how long have you been a teacher trainer?

I have been a teacher of English for 15 years and a teacher trainer for 4 years.

What are your hopes/aspirations for your trainees?

I hope all my trainees will take on board all the information and to enjoy the training course as much as possible

When you were an EFL teacher what did you like most, and how do you bring that into the classroom for your trainees?

When teaching in the classroom I enjoyed delivering language presentations and setting up activities. I demonstrate how I deliver the grammar presentations and how I provide instructions to carry an activity.

What advice would you give your trainees for successfully completing the course?

Take on board all the advice from feedback and work closely with your peers.

What advice would you give your trainees for an interesting and rewarding career?

Never stop learning and work constantly.