7 useful Websites for EFL Teachers 

There are thousands, if not millions of websites that help us teach EFL. Some of our favourites are listed below.


One of the most useful online resources is TeachingEnglish.org.uk.  Here you can find all levels and types of English teaching resources, both for general English, business English, EAP (English for academic purposes), and resources for teaching teens and pre-teens.  The materials are arranged by skill, level, category and are easy to negotiate.  You will find hours of activities including videos and worksheets. “Teaching English” is provided by the British Council, so you can be confident that the resources will be of good quality and relevant. 


It’s common for EFL teachers to be teaching Cambridge Exams to children and teenagers, particularly in Europe but increasingly in other countries around the world. In some schools this can be the vast majority of the work you do. Children, parents, and your managers in the school are very focused on successfully passing Cambridge exams because it’s their passport to future academic options, better employment prospects, as well as international travel.

cambridgeenglish.org gives all kinds of links and resources for teaching and testing all levels of English. If you are preparing for a specific test they are invaluable, but even if not there are a plethora of valuable ideas. 


All the previous websites are provided by large organisations, prominent in the field of ELT. For a more grass roots approach, try tefltastic.wordpress.com This has more emphasis on the fun games that can enliven the classroom with songs, photocopiable worksheets etc. 


Don’t get distracted watching Strictly or Eastenders, their Learning English section has some excellent resources for studying pronunciation.  Students can read the tape-scripts and watch videos. http://www.bbc.co.uk/learningenglish/english/features/pronunciation

Visual Capitalist 

If you are teaching business classes, the Visual Capitalist website is an excellent resource for business and economics students, particularly if they are practising reading and writing numbers or comparatives.  With advanced students it may be used to practise conversation. https://www.visualcapitalist.com/


https://www.ted.com/talks has videos and talks on many many subjects. Higher intermediate and advanced students can listen to them or read and listen at the same time.  Tape-scripts are included, so that students and/or teachers can make up vocabulary lists to help learners increase their vocabulary.  If they want to learn and teach in a systematic way, they can use http://uefap.com/, which has manageable academic wordlists that students can be encouraged to learn. For those needing help with reading and writing, there are also exercises with answers.

Study English IELTS Preparation

Many teachers will find themselves teaching IELTS preparation courses, since this is a booming area with the TEFL industry around the world.  “Study English IELTS Preparation” is an Australian video series designed to help students gain high band scores in their IELTS exams.  It has interesting videos, study guides and exercises with answers to help intermediate students.  https://www.abc.net.au/education/learn-english/study-english-ielts-preparation/7568250

You can also use many of the same resources to if you are teaching EAP (English for Academic Purposes).