10 Things to know about CELTA

What is CELTA? Is it worth taking? What can you learn during the course? What does it help you achieve? We have gathered 10 facts to answer some of the questions you might have about this qualification and its use. 

1) It the most widely recognised English Language Teaching Qualification     

It is accredited by the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, UK). The majority of EFL teaching jobs require you to have a CELTA.

2) CELTA opens up a lot of new possibilities

This qualification will become your passport to live and work all over the world, or to live at home and teach all over the world online.

As long as you have an advanced level of English (C1 or above), it does not matter whether you were raised in an English speaking country, or if you have learnt it as a second language – you can qualify with a CELTA. 

3) It comes in different formats 

Depending on your preference and schedule, you can choose to take CELTA full time, which will last 4 (or sometimes 5) weeks. You will usually have seminars in the morning and will teach or observe your colleagues teaching real students in the afternoon. You can either do this face to face, or online. In both cases it’s live with your tutors and fellow classmates. 

Alternatively, if you work, study or have other weekday commitments, you may want to choose to take CELTA part-time. Some CELTA Cambridge authorised centres give trainees the opportunity to take it over the course of a few months, others over the course of a year. Part time is available face to face and live online as well. 

The final option is a remote online, where some materials are available as online self study, giving you the flexibility to fit studying around other commitments. You still need to complete some live sessions and all your teaching practice live.  

4) You can meet people of other nationalities…

In many CELTA classes your fellow classmates will be from a wide variety of different nationalities. This makes for a vibrant international environment which will give you a taste of what you can expect from life after CELTA. 

5) If you have never taught before then this is the course for you 

Taking CELTA will enable you to start your teaching career in EFL. It will give you a solid base, fully equipped to successfully take on your first EFL courses -to stand up in front of your first class of students with confidence, or to start that first zoom online class with purpose and meaning.  And you will have the basics to grow and develop as a teacher for years to come. 

6) Even if you have some experience as a teacher, there is still a lot to learn 

CELTA can be an excellent opportunity to learn from fellow teachers: not only your trainers, but also your colleagues on the course. From classroom management techniques to different teaching styles and methodologies, from the latest tendencies in technology to new activities, you will be able to expand your repertoire and share your knowledge and experience with people who are eager to listen. 

7) It will most likely be one of the most intensive periods of your life…

Studying for the CELTA qualification is hard-work, but, once you obtain it, you will thank yourself for putting the effort into it. You will learn a lot about teaching, the English language and how people learn in a relatively short amount of time. You will finish the course changed and enriched with new ideas.

8) …But your classmates will help you get through it. 

During the course, you will spend a lot of time with other trainees. If you are studying face to face you will naturally chat around the coffee machine and the photocopier. If you are studying online, your tutors will make sure you have similar opportunities to bond and support each other. You will face the same challenges, reach for the same goals and find solutions to the same problems. They will be with you for the whole process, giving you tips, support and encouragement. This does not have to end once the course is over. It is common to set up a group chat which continues long after everyone has moved on to start or continue their teaching career. 

9) You can take it in another country

There are many centres to study for your CELTA across the world. You could use the course as an excuse to experience life abroad, from Ecuador to Australia and Spin to Mexico.  Some centres offer packages which include accommodation and food. 

10) It pushes you outside your comfort zone

Throughout the course, you might find yourself in situations which are out of your comfort zone, often even just because they are new. This experience will allow you to interact frequently with people of all walks of life: not only the students you will teach, but also your trainers and colleagues, who will observe you, give you feedback and help you improve in more ways you can imagine.