IH Pescara

Pescara, Italy

The school started in 1986 by a group of graduates from Trieste University. At the time it was one of the first language schools in Pescara and since then we have grown to become a reference in the region for all those who want to study and certify their language skills. In over thirty years we are proud to have acquired an excellent local reputation.

The present director, Antonella, has been with the school from the beginning. She has a passion for giving all students the best quality, and the whole team are very customer-oriented and strive to keep improving what they do.

The IH Pescara premises are a five-minute walk from Pescara Central Station and a 10-minute walk from Pescara’s main square. We are in a converted two storey house in a residential area. 

We have about 10 classrooms, with a light, pleasant and homely feel. 

42.467287, 14.201921

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Life in and around Pescara

Pescara is a fascinating city as it combines typical made-in-Italy traditions and customs with a modern, artistic and vibrant feel. It is famous for its beaches, the outstanding quality of its local fare and famous blends of wines. The beach is a 15-minute walk from the training centre.

In the summer, Pescara offers a combination of the relaxed beach-town vibe and the vibrant city-life energy. There are plenty of music events, such as the Pescara jazz and folk music festival, in downtown Pescara, which is where the course venue is located. What makes this city unique is the concentration of local boutiques, art galleries, local designers’ show rooms and, of course, restaurants, cafés and bars. It is also home to some interesting Italian-American bakeries where you can taste Italian cornetti along with American-style muffins, cupcakes and chiffon cakes.

Studying at IH Pescara

Pescara is a small city so it’s easy to walk and/or cycle everywhere, although buses are available and frequent, especially during the summer when the city is most active.

All main bus lines arrive in Pescara, and the main station (Pescara Centrale) is close. Pescara has a small international airport, and good local transport.

Eating is first priority in Italy! There are markets everywhere. The training centre venue is located a few steps outside the city centre, and Pescara, just like most Italian cities, is full of cafes and restaurants. At coffee breaks and at lunchtime, a good Italian coffee is just a two-minute walk away. 

Cafes are very reasonably priced for all kinds of traditional, and local, Italian food. You'll be able to find lots of good wines, which are usually cheaper than beers. 


We can help students find accommodation with host families if you would like. Prices can start from €100 a week, depending on what you choose.