Young Learner EFL Teacher in the UK (Residential or non-residential) (July/Aug 2020)

Duration or End Date
From 2 to 7 weeks depending on locations
£400 per week (plus 12.07% holiday pay)

Plus £120 for attending a 3 day induction programme or £80 for 2 day Induction programme (depending on the centre)

Non-residential teachers will be offered £30 extra per week

We require candidates to have the rights to work in the UK

Locations and dates:

IH Oxford: from 8th July to 12th August (with 2 days of induction starting from 6th July)

IH Ellesmere: from 8th July to 12th August (with 2 days of induction starting from 6th July)

IH Moulton: from 1st July to 12th August (with 3 days of induction starting from 28th June)

IH Newbattle: from 28th June to 16th August (with 3 days of induction starting from 25th June)

IH Frensham: from 8th July to 19th August (with 2 days of induction starting from 6th July)

Essential requirements

  • You must have a CELTA, Trinity TESOL, or equivalent initial teaching qualification
  • Your must have have a degree (e.g. BA, BSc) or equivalent
  • You must have full mastery of English across all 4 skills to CEFR C2/IELTS band 8
  • We require candidates to have the rights to work in the UK

Job Description 

The role of Young Learner EFL Teacher is one of high responsibility directly concerned with the education and welfare of our Young Learner students. As an EFL Teacher you are responsible for delivering engaging, interesting and involving lessons which benefit learners both inside and outside the classroom. 

The ideal Teacher will be energetic, outgoing with a high level of responsibility and authority with a positive ‘can-do’ approach to work. As an EFL Teacher you should be able to demonstrate willingness, flexibility and adaptability to changing priorities. 

The role of EFL Teacher is not restricted to the classroom and at International House we expect all of our staff to fully engage in all aspects of the programme to ensure the maximum enjoyment and safety of students whilst participating in our Young Learner course. 

 Main Responsibilities and Tasks: 

Training, Health and Safety and Safeguarding 

  • To attend an induction period prior to the opening of the centre and to have read and be fully conversant with the staff manuals, policies and procedures attached to this role.  (If your contract starts later than the above dates you will be expected to complete your induction online).
  • Take part in all Health and Safety related training. 
  • Take part in all Safeguarding and PREVENT training.

Academic Responsibilities 

  • Prepare and deliver dynamic and communicative lessons across a range of levels to multinational classes comprising of students aged 8-17 years olds for a minimum of 15 hours to the standards set out in the Teachers Manual and following the International House Young Learner syllabus. 
  • To follow, adapt and supplement the prescribed project lessons and develop strategies to ensure successful academic outcomes. 
  • To actively link the academic programme with the leisure programme through meaningful activities in the classroom. 
  • To ensure students receive constructive and positive feedback on any completed work. 
  • To assist in the placement testing and classroom allocations of all students. 
  • Undertake essential administrative tasks such as keeping up to date records of work, classroom registers, lessons plans etc. as directed by the Director of Studies in accordance with British Council requirements.
  • To write individual, (personalised) constructive and positive student reports.
  • To submit to periodic classroom inspections by management and/or the British Council. 
  • To develop academic materials and resources as required.  
  • To attend professional development sessions during your term of employment. 

Leisure Responsibilities 

  • To actively participate in excursions and activity sessions both on and off site as required by the Activity Manager.
  • To actively encourage students to take part in the leisure programme. 
  • To accompany, lead and supervise students on excursions to a variety of locations. 
  • To organise, lead and supervise engaging and safe activities for the students. 
  • To ensure that all aspects of the leisure programme run smoothly and safely. 
  • To report any issues to the Activity Manager or Centre Manager. 

Pastoral and Transfers Responsibilities

  • Assist with pastoral duties as requested by the Centre Manager.
  • Carry out duties associated with the transfer of students on arrival and departure days as required by the Centre Manager. 

International House London Expectations of All Staff

  • To consistently ensure the welfare of our students remains paramount.
  • To be fully engaged in the nature of the Young Learner programme. 
  • To actively discourage students from engaging in improper behaviour, including sexual liaisons, bullying, rowdiness or any other activity which could be of harm to other students or bring IH or our host providers into disrepute.
  • To ensure proper discipline is maintained throughout the programme. 
  • To act in a professional manner with all IH London agents, clients, and staff and not to engage in any activity which may bring IH London or the host provider into disrepute. 
  • To assist all students, Group Leaders and agents to derive the maximum benefit from the course. 
  • To respect the property and equipment of IH London and the host provider maintaining security and avoiding loss and /or damages in the student accommodation. 
  • To dress in a manner commensurate with the demands of the position: smart casual for teaching, IH London uniform for activities and excursions. Any uniform supplied by IH London is to be returned at the end of employment. 
  • To read and be fully conversant with all documentation and manuals relating to the role and all pertinent British Council requirements prior to the start of employment. 
  • To carry out any duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Head of Young Learners. 

How to apply: 

To apply for this job please send your CV and covering letter to:


About the school and city

We want all students to be confident booking a course at IH London amid the current Covid-19 restrictions.

We are currently running CELTAs fully online - you'll be in a virutal classroom with your classmates in real time - it's not like taking a self study online programme. You'll even have online teaching practice - developing really useful skills at the moment that are not usually on the CELTA! 

If you'd prefer to apply for a face to face course, and if they don't run, you'll be able to transfer to a future course. Your application and any payments will all be accepted for later course dates.

IH London opened in 1959. We are the no. 1 Language school in Central London, judged by the latest British Council inspections and reported in the EL Gazette (2019).

IH London was started by John and Brita Haycraft, and its classrooms saw the very first CELTA courses back in the 1060s. Since then we have moved premises a couple of times, and are now very centrally located in Covent Garden. 

The centre is now a charitable trust, and is most well-known for English language courses and teacher training. We have, from our beginnings, been a leading contributor in the ELT field and we strive to continue to make a significant contribution to the international language education community.