Teacher Trainer offline in Moscow

Start Date
September-December 2021
To be discussed at interview


Essential Requirements

  • Previous experience as Teacher Trainer is essential;
  • ADOS/DOS experience of 5 years is essential;
  • You must have 3 DELTA modules;
  • You must have a MA degree in Applied Linguistics or Teaching;
  • Ability to work in a team with the top-management, share the same values and ideas is essential

Job Description

    1. Teacher Training

Yearly plan of the BKC-IH development - create, closely follow, monitor and achieve results.

  • Prepare for and run Cambridge DELTA Modules (1,2,3), IH CAM, IH 1-2-1 courses, TKT Modules (1,2,3,YL), CELTA, trainings on preparing students for international exams (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge exams) etc.
  • Interview candidates for different teacher training programmes (e.g. CELTA, DELTA Modules (1,2,3,), IH CAM, IH 1-2-1, TKT 3 Modules, TKT YL, Language and Methodology courses) and advising on which course will meet the applicants’ needs.
  • Design CPD scheme in collaboration with EMT and teacher-trainers to meet organisation needs, based on and reflecting feedback from EMT and school directors.
  • Collect and analyse feedback from schools on further teacher development needs on a regular basis.
  • Design and deliver seminars and trainings for outside teachers.
  • Prepare and run seminars and trainings for BKC teachers.
  • Prepare programme for Saturday Seminars and workshops for BKC teachers.
  • Deal with and trying to resolve any grievances that course participants may have.
  • Take part in running in-house teacher training seminars and workshops for newly qualified teachers and experienced teachers (YL Induction programmes, Language Awareness workshops, Methodology workshops, YL and Teens workshops, etc).
  • Write course syllabus for training programmes for different universities/state schools/language schools in Moscow upon request. Supervising and delivering those programmes.
  • Take part in BKC-IH marketing projects upon request including making presentations or giving seminars.
  • Take part in updating Teacher Training web-site and helping with advertising materials.
  • Control quality of teaching at BKC-IH by doing observations, teachers' training.
  • Collect feedback about teachers performance from recruitment department, schools managers and EMT.
  • Coordinate, monitor work of teacher trainers and help if necessary.

    2. EMT

  • Take part in the work of the EMT and giving help and guidance where necessary.
  • Run and participating in EMT trainings.
  • Be involved in observation of EMT members.
  • Be involved in observation of BKC-IH teachers upon request. Keeping the Teacher Training department and the Recruitment department informed on the results of observations.

    3. Recruitment


  • Taking part in orientations of new teachers.
  • Being involved in observations of BKC-IH teachers on regular basis. Giving a copy of observation reports to the Recruitment department.
  • Cooperate with the Recruitment Department in considering successful CELTA trainees for teaching positions at BKC-IH.
  • Cooperate with the Recruitment Department in working with schools’ complaints on teachers’ performance.
  • Deal with complaints on a teacher’s performance of his/her educational and administrative duties in accordance with the complaint procedure.
  • Discuss major strategic decisions at the EMT meetings and confirmed by senior management.
  • Supervise a number of teachers (as agreed with Recruitment, 10-15 on average), informing them of the school procedures and policy, supervising them during their trial period.

    4. Resources


  • Be informed of the resources available in the Teacher Training and Teachers room libraries.
  • Analyse teachers’ and course participants’ needs and demand on methodology books, grammar books, dictionaries, text books and supplementary materials.
  • Recommend materials to teachers and course participants.

    5. New projects


  • Initiate, be involved and actively react on new projects and implementation.
  • Analyse school needs and suggest ideas for improvement.

    6. BKC IH Moscow


  • Motivate and encourage BKC-IH teachers for further professional development (observations, feedback reports/sessions,training and offering support on certain TEFL aspects, recommending teachers for training programs and suggesting their promotion to positions of responsibility etc).
  • Create and sustaining business-like attitude and loyalty towards the company; handling confidential information; encouraging co-cooperativeness.
  • Be active in discussion and plans for the future structure, direction and growth of all areas of the educational work of BKC schools.
  • Promote BKC-IH Moscow between the teachers and course participants; clarify strategy and regulations; disseminate information following EMT meetings, ADOS team meetings and briefings with administration and Board of Directors.
  • Be active in forming the culture of the company, its mission and values.
  • Pursue self-development options, using the training fund when appropriate.



  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Separate accommodation in a studio flat
  • Unlimited public transport car reimbursement
  • Full visa and legal support
  • Visa fee reimbursement up to a max 50 $
  • Monthly bonus
  • Paid holidays
  • Office is located within 5 min walk from the Kremlin
  • Full support of all the departments in the company


About the school and city

BKC-IH is the biggest school chain in Moscow. There are central schools within 10 min from the Kremlin as well as there are affiliate branches in cozy suburbs near parks and lakes. We have the most convenient metro net and public transport system in the world.

The school continues to translate the values once established in International House - language helps to unite people, to bring joy and to expand the horizons. High standards and professionalism in the workplace come along with a huge amount  of humanity and support from our colleagues - whether they are administrators or directors.

Each year over 90% of our students pass international exams with great results, allowing them to apply at the world's best universities and colleges.   Our methodology is renown for its effectiveness and is used in 160 schools of 58 countries in the world. We have long established history of successful cooperation with such partners as IH, the University of Cambridge and the British Council. 

BKC-IH Moscow is the only network of foreign languages schools in CIS that can run all kinds of international exams. Our Cambridge Examinations Testing Centre, authorised by Cambridge English Languages Assessment, has received the platinum status 3rd year in a row. 7500 candidates take exams there every year. 

BKC-IH helps a charity organization "Sheredar" - the rehabilitation center for children who have fought cancer. The center was established by BKC-IH CEO Michael Afanasievich Bondarev. He is often present in the office, do not miss a chance to say "hello".

BKC-IH Moscow is ready for a new chapter in its long and successful history and you can become a part of it.