Academic Manager in La Spezia

Start Date
Duration or End Date
Salary and benifits to be discussed during interview

Essential requirements

  • The position is open to both EU /non EU applicants, driving licence preferred, YL experience preferred

Job Description

The Academic Managers role include: 
1. Develop and implement academic programs, ensuring alignment with language learning objectives and curricular standards. 
2. Recruit, train, and supervise a team of qualified language teachers, providing ongoing support and professional development opportunities. 
3. Design and oversee assessments to evaluate students' language proficiency and progress, implementing strategies for continuous improvement. 
4. Collaborate with the admissions team to assess incoming students' language abilities and place them in appropriate courses. 
5. Monitor and analyze academic performance metrics, providing timely feedback and recommendations for improvement. 
6. Foster a positive and inclusive learning environment, promoting effective communication and cultural understanding among students and staff. 
7. Stay informed about advancements in language teaching methodologies and incorporate innovative approaches into the curriculum. 
8. Establish and maintain relationships with relevant educational institutions and language learning organizations to enhance the school's academic reputation. 
9. Manage academic resources, including textbooks, online materials, and language learning tools, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness. 
10. Handle academic-related inquiries from students, parents, and staff, addressing concerns and providing solutions when needed. 
11. Work closely with Business Manager on new projects and business opportunities 

Applicants Requirements: 
1. Delta or equivalent/Higher qualification 
2. Proven experience in academic management, preferably within a language school setting. 
3. Strong leadership and interpersonal skills with the ability to inspire and motivate a diverse team of instructors. 
4. In-depth knowledge of language teaching methodologies, curriculum development, and assessment practices. 
5. Excellent organizational and communication skills. 
6. Familiarity with technology-enhanced language learning tools and platforms. 
7. Demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. 
8. Ability to adapt to changing educational trends and implement innovative strategies. 
9. Proficiency in multiple languages is a plus. 
10. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to handle challenging situations diplomatically.

Other benefits

Flights: Contribution of €250 towards arrival costs

Accommodation: We will assist you in finding suitable accommodation

VisaWe will assist you in all the stages of Visa request

Holiday: The school is closed for approx 2 weeks at Christmas, and 5 days for Easter, we have 2/3 bank holidays per year and the school is closed for the whole month of August.


About the school and city

IH La Spezia was founded in 1980 by Lynden Cronin as “Studio Inglese” and affiliated to the International House World Organisation in 1984. The school in Sarzana was opened in 1991. We have been a member of the Associazione italiana scuole di lingue (AISLi) since 1986.

Our mission is to meet the needs of today's language learners by combining sound pedagogical practice, humanistic principles and modern technology to deliver top-quality language teaching and encourage learner autonomy.