Full time F2F DELTA Module 2 course at General Plan IH Shanghai

Shanghai, China
1 Mar 2021 - 9 Apr 2021

Date Location Mode Fee
Shanghai, China
General Plan IH Shanghai
Full time F2F 24,000 RMB

About the teacher training centre

Our main training centre is located in the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Pudong New District of Shanghai. Our second centre is a purpose built learning campus (incorporating on-site accommodation) at Brilliant City, which is also in Pudong New District

We’re a dedicated teacher training centre, so almost everyone around is a trainer or a teacher. It means that the centre is often quiet and we’ve got plenty of space – so we’re not crowded (a premium in most Chinese cities!)

Even our students for TP classes for CELTA and Delta are mostly teachers themselves, so they’re always curious about what candidates are doing – and they’re also eager to learn.

What is DELTA Module 2?

DELTA (Diploma in teaching English to speakers of other languages) covers advanced theory and practice to help you develop in your teaching career. You need at least one year’s experience to make the most of it.

There are three modules, which you can take in any order.

DELTA Module 2 is “Developing Professional Practice”.  It is assessed with a portfolio of coursework and assessed lesson observations. Topics covered are:

  • The learner and learning context
  • Preparing to teach
  • Using resources and materials in the classroom
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluating lesson planning
  • Observing lessons
  • Professional development

For more detail about DELTA and DELTA module 2, read our full guide here.


DELTA Module 2 at General Plan IH Shanghai

We’re a full-time and dedicated teacher training centre, which specialises in helping teachers develop for the needs of the Chinese education context – both governmental and private. Over the last 20 years, we’ve helped 000’s of Chinese teachers develop their careers, but in recent years we’ve also worked with very many more visiting teachers (both experienced and inexperienced) who want to make a career in China.

We’re proud that our training team is a mix of both local and foreign trainers, so we can bring the best of both to our courses – offering useful insights for those people new to the challenging, but extremely rewarding world of Chinese education.

Our Delta courses are largely made up of very experienced local teachers, coming from both the local and international context, with a few expat teachers who are keen to develop their careers in China.

The training centre has 2 networked photocopier/printers. We also have an additional small printer for last minute TP emergencies.

The library is large and has been designed to provide the reading necessary for TKT, CELT-P and S, CELTA and Delta. We generally have up to 6 copies of key texts – and we add to it every year. We can also provide access to useful journals, such as ELT Journal and English Teaching Professional.

All of our courses are managed (when appropriate) through e-portfolio, e-library and group discussions on our in-house ‘Menco’ platform, which is also accessible through the popular WeChat messaging APP.

Tutors at this training centre

Simon Cox

I ‘accidentally’ became an EFL teacher when I was 23 and remain in the industry 26 years later! I took my CELTA in 1993 and I became a CELTA trainer in 2005. Since then I’ve worked on a wide variety of different courses in places as varied as Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Newcastle in the UK.

For an interesting and rewarding career, I would advise to not be too fixed on one particular route or career path. Most of the best things that have happened in my career have had at least a hint of the unexpected to them and I wouldn’t have got to the point I have today without trying new ideas, visiting new places and learning from a wide variety of people.