100% Online FT CELTA course at IH Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine
1 Aug 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

Date Location Mode Fee
Full Time Online
Kyiv, Ukraine
IH Kyiv
100% Online FT 33000 UAH

About the teacher training centre

IH Kyiv was founded in 1992. We now have two locations in the city, each with spacious classrooms smart-boards, photocopiers and good facilities.

We are honoured to work with a strong management team and a dedicated teaching staff committed to providing an excellent service to all our students. 

If you come here to work or study, we hope you will feel the buzzing of energy and enthusiasm which we feel around the school every day. 

What is the CELTA?

The CELTA is a TEFL qualification which prepares you to teach English as a foreign language. You don’t need any existing English language teaching experience or training. It’s usually a 4 or 5 week full time course (but you can also take it part time).

Standing up in front of a class for the first time is a daunting prospect, so you need to make sure you have the skills you need to teach effectively. The CELTA prepares you for the classroom in these ways:

  1. Taught sessions on methodology, lesson planning, language analysis and language skills. (In total, you’ll have 120 hours of input.)
  2. The opportunity to observe experienced teachers in real-life language classroom situations – so you can see the different skills and techniques they use.
  3. Teaching yourself – with helpful and detailed feedback from your tutors.  This practical experience is invaluable when you start your first job.

You’ll have to complete some written assignments as well, but when it’s all successfully completed you’ll be ready for your first job and first students!

Read more about the CELTA here 

CELTA at IH Kyiv

Students at IH Kyiv


Experienced and helpful tutors have been training CELTA candidates since 2005.  Since 2005 we have been training teachers in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and we have run over 30 CELTA and IHCTL courses in Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Romania, Northern Ireland, Belgium and Italy.

Our Head of Teacher Training, Tetiana Tereshchenko, has been assessing CELTA courses all over the world and trains CELTA/IHCTL tutors. She is a Delta, Module 2 tutor as well. 

Within 25 years of running CELTA there has been only one candidate who failed the course (out of 400). 

Taking the CELTA at IH Kyiv, the certificate fee is £128.

What will fellow students be like?

The average age of our CELTA students is 30 – 35. 


CELTA students at International House Kiev


Tutors at this training centre

Tetiana Tereshchenko

I have been teaching EFL for more than 40 years and a teacher trainer since 2002. I was the first ever CELTA tutor that Cambridge approved in Ukraine.
My advice for students? Work hard and ask questions on the course, and in your teaching career be open to new ideas, do not be afraid to experiment, and never stop developing.

Olena Lysytsya

I have been teaching EFL for the last 15 years and had been teacher training for about 12 years before becoming a CELTA teacher trainer in August 2019.

For a rewarding career in EFL, be a team player! No one can meet all the needs of all the students who walk through our doors without help. It just isn't possible. The best way to find that help is by asking questions from your more professional colleagues. Teachers need other teachers to succeed.

And never forget: teaching is your superpower! Use it wisely!

Tatiana Ivanova

I have been teaching EFL and providing training for teachers for more than 20 years; an IHCTL teacher trainer since 2018, a CELTA teacher trainer since August 2019. Before this, I worked as a teacher trainer for the Pearson publishing house.

I encourage my trainees to master new approaches and techniques in teaching English and inspire them to professional development and growth. I hope they enjoy the course!

Amir Landa

I have been teaching EFL for more than 10 years; a teacher trainer since 2012. Before this, I worked as a live audio technician in New York and Massachusetts.

The best thing about teaching and training is working with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and with a wide variety of interests. I encourage my trainees to consider their learners at each step of their planning and to enjoy and react to what the learners say and do in the classroom.

CELTA student testimonials

This course is definitely worth taking. It was very useful to observe the teachers. I learned a lot of new information and got new teaching skills. The trainers were qualified, supportive and knowledgeable. All the necessary facilities were available (the laptops, a big variety of books etc.) I would recommend this course for everyone. For me, it was the most valuable experience in my life. It's worth it. Kulyk


There were sleepless nights, no social life, a lot of chocolate and coffee. But there were also eleven other incredibly interesting people, two fantastic tutors and a sense of unity. That was my experience on the Cambridge CELTA in a nutshell. My personal highlight from studying for CELTA was the language immersion class that we did in Arabic, to make us appreciate the difficulties both of being an ‘absolute beginner’ when learning a language, and of teaching students with absolutely no prior knowledge of the language. The session was exclusively in Arabic, but I was staggered by how much we all learnt in that time. I loved the teaching practice sessions where we could apply the skills, we had learnt in a real classroom situation with real students. Another great opportunity was being able to observe experienced teachers do their magic in the classroom. None of what I’ve achieved and plan to in the future would have been possible without completing CELTA. The course is very demanding but it’s well worth it. They will be four short weeks, but I guarantee, their effect will be felt for a long time. Olga


Other than passing, I didn't have any real expectations regarding the course. Regardless, I was thrilled by the level of high-quality teaching/tutors, administrative support, and facilities. The combination of Tetiana (Tanya) & Amir as CELTA tutors was great: their knowledge, different yet complementary teaching styles, and levity provided an environment conducive to learning (they're both engaging, open, & have a sense of humor, but from different angles). And the CELTA teacher trainees (trainee tutors) were also readily available, supportive, and involved throughout the course. The facilities included a teachers room with a high-speed internet equipped computer, a printer/copier/scanner that CELTA students were not only welcome to use, but encouraged to do so. Both "teaching practice" rooms had high-speed internet equipped computers. There were also projectors, a "smart board," Wi-Fi, a small kitchen, a coffee & snack vending machine, etc. I think one of the biggest annoyances regarding I.H. Kyiv is that most of the doors are security card protected, so if you don't have a card, every time you want to enter a room, you have to get someone who works at I.H. to open it for you. It's not that big of a deal, but it did get annoying at times. Rivero